Software Releases

Software we've developed here at Netgraft Corporation (older owner domain Some of these were proof of concepts, others power mission critical systems to this very day. Distribution terms listed with each item.
  • ident2 An auth/identity server with wide UNIX support. Distributed under the GPL. More
  • sograph Shared Object Grapher generates a shared object dependency graph of all ELF binaries on a system. Implemented in Python. Distributed under the GPL. More
  • im-httpd An ultra minimal lightning fast HTTP server. On Linux, compiles to a 7k binary when linked against glibc. Ideal for serving lots of small static files. Released into the public domain. More
  • mbsyslog A soup-to-nuts implementation of syslogd. Runs as separate modules which enhance security and allow sys admins to introduce stdin-stdout filters between modules. Distributed under the GPL. More
  • tcpfwd.c A userspace TCP/IP forwarder for Linux. No forking or threading involved. The forwarder is ideal for control connections like FTP, where the server rarely sends more than the client can keep up with. Don't distribute large (>65kB) files with it. Distributed under the GPL. More